is the world's first vegan food delivery app.


we're craig de gouveia and alison engel, the co-founders of our goal is to make discovering and ordering vegan food a breeze.

we are both designers, innovators, and travelers. the idea for came to us while exploring europe as digital nomads.

we both love food. we often find ourselves in new cities, and while there are plenty of delivery options available, it’s not always easy to find vegan options in nearby restaurants.

this got us thinking. what if there was a food delivery app specifically for vegan restaurants?

so we decided to do something about it. which brings us to this moment.

get ready to have the best vegan food in your city delivered right to your doorstep. is (almost) here. takes you on a journey from the moment you open the app, all the way through to the first bite of your meal. we offer a memorable experience that will have you looking forward to your next order.

we are passionate about this project and we're determined to make the best it can possibly be.

we are thinking big, and we plan to grow this internationally.

we are launching in london, and our goal is to eventually be available in all the world’s most vegan-friendly cities.

stay tuned. we look forward to seeing you in your city soon.